Focus on Apple Watch – App: Mini Stats

This simple app helps you to keep your iPhone more often in jacket, purse or pocket.
The functionality of MiniStats is very simple: it is an info screen with different data from your iPhone. So you can check directly on your wrist how full the battery of your iPhone is, how much free space is still available and to what WiFi or 3G / 4G network you are connected.
Below the name of the WiFi and 3G network you can also see the available upload and download speed.

MiniStats becomes very handy if your iPhone is in another room and you want to check the battery, or that you are indeed connected to a WiFi network. This information is also available on its iPhone app, but with all data available on your wrist, there is no need to get it out of your pocket.

For €0,99 MiniStats by Tobias Wiedenmann is a no-brainer, so go and get it.

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